Pregnancy is Exciting Right? Right?

My husband and I have recently decided to expand our family. I touched on that in the last post. I am so excited to have another baby. I am blessed with fairly easy pregnancy, and very easy delivery so I don’t have any fear. My husband on the other hand is telling me he is excited but I definitely feel a distance from him anytime I bring up anything baby related. We had a long talk last night and we are now both on board with baby number 3! I have heard and read from many soon to be moms out there that their husband or boyfriend is not excited for the baby that’s coming. I honestly think that men and women just experience a pregnancy from different emotional stand points. Ladies I am here to help. Men do not become excited for a baby until they hear the heart beat, watch an ultrasound, feel the kicks, and hold their new baby. Women we are instantly excited from the moment we see the two lines or the words Pregnant. My stance is that this is a necessary emotion from a woman to insure the protection of their offspring. Ladies, trust me, once your man holds his newborn child all the emotions you have felt the whole pregnancy will catch up with him. My favorite picture from my first pregnancy and delivery is the one taken of my husband the first time he held his son (see photo below). 

Remember to enjoy the gift of life that is growing within you!  


Pregnancy is Exciting Right? Right?

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