Today is the Day!

Today is the day I get my Mirena removed to try for our third and final child. I am excited, and nervous (I might throw up on the doctor, let’s pray that doesn’t happen). I am so excited I have been contemplating waking my husband up when I get home from work  to start the baby making process right away! Then I start thinking about telling my family I am pregnant again and it gives me anxiety! My mom has one child from each “marriage” , and my dad only has me, so let’s just say they aren’t the type of people open to big families (not that 3 is big). My mom kept telling me after my last baby that was plenty, go get fixed. I enjoy my mothers use of words. Fixed, I imagine myself as a wild animal when I hear that, it makes me giggle. It’s not like I have 20 kids and live in a shack and we are starving, by no means are we starving, maybe we could do with a bit less😜. My husband and I do fine, we have a home, and we can afford all of our needs and most wants. I mean we eat out like 4 times a week, clearly we are not starving. By the way I don’t think Taco Bell should count as eating out, you bring it home! So, anyway I want excitement for my pregnancy when it happens and I am worried that isn’t the feed back I will get. Anyone else have family that doesn’t think before they speak and then tries to back pedal there words for a half hour after? I have some experience with that.  So, regardless I am excited, my husband is excited and my kids can’t tell Grammy, at least not yet. Hoping for a big surprise for everyone soon.
Remember your life is your creating, make something wonderful.

Today is the Day!

2 thoughts on “Today is the Day!

  1. jnmontoya25 says:

    Congrats on taking such a big step! Hopefully you will soon be expecting your third. My son will be 1 next month and I am already getting baby fever! I think I will wait until he is 2 get my mirena removed. That way even if I conceive quickly he will be almost 3 by the time a new baby comes. Good luck!


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