The Blame Game

I want to start this by saying I attend church service every Saturday (I might miss a few here or there, I am not perfect). The church my family attends is a nondenominational Christian church named Christ Church of the Valley ( CCV). This Saturday that just past our service was entitled You Ask? People write questions and our pastors attempt to answer them through scripture. This weeks topic was “why does God allow people to suffer?” One instance used was starving children. There is currently enough food produced in the world for every person to eat 3,000 calories a day. Unfortunately corrupt governments keep their citizens starving. Another instance was miscarriage or still birth or infant death. They played a video of a couple that’s daughter died at 97 days of life from a heart condition she was diagnosed with in utero. The couple showed amazing strength and grace. One thibig the mother said that stood out to me was “she got to heaven sooner, we are all trying to get there anyway”. Her point of view wasn’t as a victim, but as a servant. She realized God gave her an opportunity to help others that have gone through this terrible loss. I am by no means saying get over it. What I am saying is you can blame yourself , blame others, blame doctors, or blame God, but it is nobodies fault. God promises to take whatever pain you are experiencing and draw something good from it. I pray that everyone who has ever experienced this kind of pain find peace with knowing there is always something good that can come out of any bad situation. CCV video mentioned in post. 
Remember no matter what you are going through in life someone is experiencing it also and strength is in numbers. 

The Blame Game

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