We’re Pregnant!

I found out I was pregnant Wednesday and decided to keep it a secret. With Father’s Day being today I wanted to surprise my husband. We went out to dinner with my parents, my sister and our kids all was normal. Then I asked the waitress to take a picture of us. Little did my family know that I had already made plans the day before with the restaurant to announce my pregnancy. When the waitress came to take our picture with my phone I had it set to video, and the manager came over with a big sign that said little baby Gebo arriving February 2016. And the waitress said everyone say Crystal is pregnant, instead of the usual say cheese bit. I was excited it went just like I had planned my family is excited, hoping it’s a girl, to accompany the two boys we already have. Then I watched the video to see how everyone looked. The waitress didn’t record anything except the table with people talking in the background for maybe 20 seconds max. She completely missed the whole thing. At first I was disappointed, then I realized I still got the effect, I still have an amazing life growing within me, and I am sure the waitress was nervous and didn’t realize what she had done. Still a great surprise for my husband and family! I should have known something like that would happen I was already upset the sign I spent 45 minutes trying to replicate from Pinterest didn’t look anything like my picture muse. Sometimes perfect isn’t perfect. 

Anyone else have a pregnancy announcement failure?  


We’re Pregnant!

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