It has been a while.

It has been over a year since I last wrote on this blog, and announced my pregnancy. I did have a healthy baby girl, that came with a whole new set of challenges. She turned one in February and through the grace of God everything has been going well. I have been increasingly noticing I have less and less energy lately. I weighed my self and I admit I was devastated when I read that my 5’3″ frame is holding 182 lbs (ugh, did I really just admit that online?). This is the heaviest I have ever been, and I read the blogs about “loving your miracle producing body”, and “just know you created life it’s ok if you are flabby”, but my weight is causing me to be a “bad” mom. I have no energy to play with my kids, and when we are out i just sit. When my husband and I met I was at 135 , so that is my goal weight. I just want to have more energy for my kids. 

Don’t wish me luck, Pray for my strength!

My oldest starts kindergarten this August, and I really want to be at least twenty pounds down when I drop him off for his first day. In a world full of cross fit, or fast food, I need to find a medium ground. I feel intimidated by the super in shape cross fit mom’s, and I don’t want to be in the let’s get fast food everyday category either! Hoping to make this year a year of self rejuvenation. Not just in weight but in faith, and habits.  Don’t wish me luck, pray for my strength! 

It has been a while.

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