As I am writing this my two boys, five and three, are running through the house with papers, and my little one year old girl is ripping apart a tissue. So, why am I writing this instead of stopping them and cleaning the mess? I will tell you why, because life is exhausting! Life as a mom of three children that are messy and wild is exhausting. My sink is full of dirty dishes, my laundry from last weekend still needs folded, and I am taking a break. My kids are fed, they are alive, and I watered the lawn, so I as a mom have done a great job so far. My kids and I have played together all morning, and I am leaving to take them to the park in twenty minutes (if everyone can find their shoes). My kids are going to remember in 20 years that mom always played with them and had time for them. You know what they wouldn’t remember? That mom cleaned the house so well and it was great having to stay home while mom did laundry and dishes. So, when will I do the dishes? When they nap after the park I will do dishes…. maybe. 
Being a good mom isn’t being perfect it’s being perfect in their eyes. 


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