One step, or pound, at a time.

I posted last week that I was tired of being tired, and definitely done with my being over weight. Starting last Monday I ate healthy and watched my portions. Started drinking only water, and lost four pounds last week! I am more determined than ever to get the weight off. My husband is being very encouraging, and my kids are enjoying working out with me. I am a mother of three little children, Y’all knew I was not going to a gym. On a side note, using your one year old as a weight to bench press works great! I am sure there are other mom’s out there that feel too tired, too over worked, and too depressed. You all can do it! I take a vitamin B complex to jump start my energy with my breakfast in the morning. Throughout the day I eat three meals, and two snacks, each time with a whole bottle of water. Started working out, and felt like I wasn’t doing enough, or not working my whole body. I made a workout plan that works my whole body, and can easily be done at home, even with three kids. I told my husband yesterday he better get it together, and stop eating double bacon cheese burgers, cause how will he feel when I lose all the weight and look awesome. He will feel bad still being the same. His response…. No I will feel awesome! Everyone will see how amazing you look, and how I’m not fit, and they will know I must just be awesome in the sack! So, needless to say, he is having a great time. My goal is to eventually reach 130 pounds. That is my pre any pregnancy weight. Hope I’ve encouraged a few to join me. 

God will never give you more than you can handle. You’ve got this! 

One step, or pound, at a time.

2 thoughts on “One step, or pound, at a time.

  1. I’m in the same boat. 130 was my pre-pregnancy weight, as well. I still haven’t shed the extra and my ‘baby’ is turning three this week. I’m trying a smilar thing. You go, girl!


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