Needing a change.

Being a mom of three has been a defining term for me. When asked describe yourself, that is the first thing out of my mouth. If I asked you to describe yourself what would yours be? With my oldest starting kindergarten,  i was beginning to feel stuck in a rut, and unhappy. My routine is the same everyday, and I have no time for myself. After deciding to lose weight I thought about the decision, and realized it isn’t just the weight that needs changed, it’s also the mentality, that I need to do things for myself too. My children will always come first,  but I Am Important. First thing I did was cut my hair off, 6 inches later, I am feeling more energized and ready to stay on my path to becoming a better parent, by becoming a better me. 
Taking time to be a better you, makes you better for others

Needing a change.

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